Pipsqueak Engine

The Project

A pipsqueak engine is a compressed air engine, only a few inches tall. This pipsqueak engine was designed in Solidworks by Bryson. He worked in a team of two to refine the design and prototype the engine.

Bryson designed the pipsqueak engine using Solidworks. The first design featured featured curved sides on most large parts. The revised design featured flat faces at a various angles to improve the manufacturability of the engine.

CAD Design

The original design featuring a curved style.
To improve machinability, the engine was modified to have an angular design.


Bryson worked with 1 partner over the course of 2 months to build the pipsqueak engine according to the design he had created. A range manufacturing methods were used to create the components of the engine, as outlined below

Table 1: An outline of the manufacturing method used to construct each part of the pipsqueak engine in Bryson’s prototype design.

Main UprightMill
Small UprightMill
Drive ShaftLathe
Fly WheelSand Cast
Crank WheelPowder Metallurgy
PistonMill and Lathe
Piston Rod BushingLathe
CylinderMill and Lathe
Rocker PinLathe
Spring CoverLathe

A picture of the completed pipsqueak engine.